I want to reclaim the television, I want to see shows like “Roads Less Traveled,”… ~ Huffington Post

Natalia on Travel & Escape’s

Beyond Wanderlust: The New Nomads Series

It was a joy and pleasure being interviewed this summer by Travel & Escape’s Gariné Tcholakian for her new series Beyond Wanderlust: The New Nomads. We talked about my life, love for travel, Roads Less Traveled show and what I am up to now!

Is Good TV an Oxymoron?

Huffington Post – Julia Moulden

I want to reclaim the television, to take it back from the pedants, the posers and the perverts. Much of what appears on the box these days is junk food for the mind and body. And it’s not just clogging our arteries; it’s killing our souls — and our culture. TV is ripe for change. I want to see good television. Programs I would happily sit and watch with family and friends. TV that would make me feel better about myself — and our world. I want to see shows like “Roads Less Traveled,”…


Our Launch: A huge success!

Roads Less Traveled has been Launched

We wanted to thank everyone who came out to the Launch at the Gladstone Hotel on March 24th, and to those who supported us from afar! Eco-Warrior a.k.a David Masters and Urban Farmer a.k.a Jacob Wharton-Shukster were there, among the 150 of you who came out to support, enjoy and experience the alternative. We loved connecting with you all and hearing your feedback.

“The launch party for the series at the Gladstone Hotel was reminiscent of a summer excursion into nature, complete with trees, a campfire, and beer. (Bears didn’t make the guest list.) What is “Roads Less Traveled”? (The Canadian in me wants to insert another ‘L’ in ‘traveled’…)” ~ Gail EdwinFielding

Photographer: Gail EdwinFielding

Visionary: Natalia Kantor


When I first met Natalia Kantor, producer and director behind “Roads Less Traveled”, in a café in Toronto in the summer of 2010 we clicked immediately. What she was referring to – the existence of sub or counter-cultures and communities that offered alternatives to the conventional life – was something that I had already been exploring. For some time I had felt that the familiar, conventional lifestyle that involved getting a degree, and then a salaried job, and then married with children, just did not work for many people. I’d seen evidence of this in my own life – with friends, work colleagues and family. As you may have also experienced “the formula”, does not guarantee happiness…


Thinking out of the box

WCN Transmedia Group

WCN TRANSMEDIA GROUP has recently joined Scott Northcott to promote the creation of Green Communities and as such has brought “Roads Less Traveled with Natalia Kantor” to our attention. The QU Consortium & The ARK Foundation thinking out of the box on traditional built environment values & principles, twist type ecomagination has identified Natalia as one to watch and support. Who are the ECO barriers that will help us realistically execute sustainable plans to reverse the years of neglect. Lets visit with Natalia’s Journey in the clip and examine one in action.


Behind-The-Scenes of Roads Less Traveled

Red Gecko Productions

I’ve been part of this project since about a year ago when Natalia Kantor and I met through CouchSurfing. I was sold on the concept and started to get more involved, we created a whole team of a production crew, social media advisers and event planners and started to get together every week until last week we finally launched the project publicly. I became the Cinematographer and Co-Director for the first episode about the “Eco-Warrior”. Eco-Warriors are individuals who care for our environment through their activities and decision making.